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Family research takes time.  It takes years, in fact.  The key to research is patience.  You may spend days following what you feel is a lead only to find out that it has no relationship to your family research.

You may give up for a while and then come back to it.  Because of this on and off approach to family research, keeping a notebook with accurate notes is essential to the success of your research project.

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July 5, 2007

Dear Ask Me,

I have been working on my family research for about 7 years.  About 6 years ago, I visited a LDS Family Research center but was unsuccessful.  I could not match any of my family information to the records at that center in the time I was allowed.  I have some really stubborn ancestors, hiding in places that I cannot find. 

I have searched the internet and see that there are now LDS records available online.  The records are tagged with letters and numbers and I am not sure what they mean.

Is there some help that the LDS Research Centers might provide for me so that I can uncover my missing ancestors?

Lost in St. Louis


Dear Lost in St. Loius,

You are right; since you were last at a LDS Research Center, a lot of the microfilm information is now online.  The number that appears with the records is a locator number used to find the right microfilm for your relatives at a LDS center.  You can record that number and then check with a LDS research site to see if they have that film or can order it for you.  Using the internet to find the record locators makes for more efficient time spent at the LDS center.

Volunteers are constantly adding new information to databases available on the internet for family research so I would recommend that you retrace your steps regarding those relatives you were unable to locate 7 years ago. 

Chances are you will be able to turn over more clues that will help locate your ancestors.

Good luck!


July 29, 2007

Dear Ask Me,

I just don't know where to begin.  My parents died about 10 years ago and I recently came across some family records in one of the storage boxes. There are pictures of people I do not know and there is no identification on the pictures.

I found an obituary for my grandmother which lists people I do not know and have never heard of.  The only living relatives on my father's side arein Northern Ireland somewhere and I have no idea how to contact them or even if they would be able to help me trace the roots of my dad's family.

What do I do first?

Anxious to Begin, Texas


Dear Anxious,

Congratulations! You already did the first thing; you found the documents you have and you reviewed them!  That is the first step toward your successful research!

 Go BACK to the research tips page and read the list of how to get started with your research.  I am sure you will find this very helpful.  Also, I would contact your cousins and see if any of them have begun a research project.  When I started my research years ago, I contacted a cousin who had already researched my grandmother's side of the family and I was able to merge that information into my family tree database.  It made me feel like I took one giant step in the research direction!

Good luck!


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