Fundraiser Basket Ideas


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Stuck on picking a basket idea for your school fundraiser?  Here is a list of ideas that may help...

  1. Have all the children in the class donate their favorite book and fill a basket of reading materials!  You could even gently suggested that the winner of the basket donate the books back to the classroom!
  2. Ask local businesses to donate gift certificates for a dinner and a movie.  You can add some movie DVD's and some movie candy and popcorn tubs (can be found at Blockbuster stores).
  3. Watch for sales at Walmart during the winter months and stock up on outdoor and pool toys, pool towels, sidewalk chalk, jumpropes and more.  Walmart has been know to drop the prices on these seasonal items to way below the regular price (chalk for 50 cents!) - so stock up and be ready for the fundraiser!
  4. Find fun family games and fill a basket with all the favorites; Bingo, Uno, Monopoly, cards and more! 
  5. Create a boy or girl sleepover basket. Start with a fun movie, add some treats, maybe a game and a scary story book.  All the makings of a fun night away from home.
  6. Create a yummy basket with an Italian cookbook, pasta, sauce, a nice serving dish and a bottle of wine.
  7. How about a morning coffee basket.  Add a coffee maker, some coffee beans, some biscotti treats, and a couple of coffee cups. 
  8. Every gardener would big on a basket filled with garden gloves, a sun visor, small clay pots, a trowel, potting soil, some seeds (maybe herbs), a gardening magazine and a small knee protector.
  9. Nobody can resist the Chocolate Lover's basket!  Go wild and use your imagination!  Maybe even a chocolate fondue pot and a recipe book.


How about those class craft ideas?  I am organized but I am far from creative.  I actually get nervous when asked to come up with a craft idea for the school fundraising auction.  Here are some that I have seen over the years...

  1. Create a class recipe book.  Have each child bring one or two recipes from home for the book.  Depending on the age of the class (the younger the better) have the child dictate a recipe of theirs to you for the book! 
  2. Every town has a pottery place where you can go and create a unique piece of pottery.  Go to that store and pick out a beautiful serving dish.  Bring the dish to the class and have the children decorate it (again, depending on the age, this could be handprints, or you can turn thumb prints into little boys and girls.  Make sure to write each child's name next to their print.  Take the dish back to the pottery store to be fired.
  3. Rolling toy chest.  You can watch for sales at Bombay and Company, Target, Walmart - anywhere that sells toy boxes.  Have the children decorate the outside of the box with school mascots, fingerprints, flowers - whatever you like.  There are also vendors on eBay that sell decals (they can custom create a decal for very little money).  We had a decal of a checker board created in our school colors that went on the top of our box.  Fill the toy box with games and various toys, kits, balls and more.  Some online stores sell create your own games, that you can customize to your school.  This toy box was a big hit at our school fundraiser.
  4. Create a child-sized bookcase!  Buy an inexpensive bookcase (preferably one made of unfinished wood) and have the kids in the class decorate it.  Add a few books and you have an adorable craft!
  5. Ask the teacher to save two or three essays from the classroom work, preferably work that the parents have not yet seen.  Contact a book publisher (like Lulu Publishing) that specializes in small orders and have the essays turned into a book (cost for 5 books, 50 pages in length is less than $30). 
  6. Purchase two Adirondack chairs and have the kids decorate them.  Using thumb prints, you can create flowers and butterflies for this backyard treat!


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