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  • First - Don't overplan your day.  Plan a week at a time and allow room for adjustments.
  • Keep a pocket planner handy.  The large planners are nice - but keep that at home!  Use a weekly/monthly appointment book and keep it with you at all times.  This is your bible!
  • Share the chores with the kids.  It took me a long time to figure out that I was not doing my children any favors by taking care of all the household chores myself.  Even a toddler can help pickup their toys and put them in a basket.  This gives you a little help and teaches the child independence.
  • Keep an erasable board in a predominant spot in the house so the family can see it.  Keep important phone numbers on the board and reminders for the family.  If you have room, keep a bulletin board next to the dry erase board and put important school papers on the bulletin board.
  • Keep a notebook!  I use multisubject notebooks with one section for notes (anything I am working on and might have to go back and review - like any online research about sinus medications), one for lists (like grocery lists and school project information for the kids) and one for communications (if I call the plumber I write all the notes regarding that call, including date and time in the notebook for reference).
  • Avoid unnecessary shopping trips which can take more time out of your day (and more money out of your wallet). I use online shopping sites like Amazon to purchase Christmas and birthday gifts (I signed up for the Prime account and get free second day shipping on most of my items).  This saves time and lessons the impulse buying that you are tempted with at local discount and department stores.  Most of the stores that you might shop at like Target and Walmart also have websites for online purchases.
  • can say no!  If your plate is already full, it is okay to turn down more volunteer requests.  Committing to too much may leave you feeling overwhelmed and less organized.





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