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The PTO/PTA puts in a lot of time throughout the year trying to earn money to finance things needed at the school, but get little or no financial support from school district monies.  The PTO/PTA may organize magazine drives, cheesecake sales, family movie nights and other school-wide functions. 

At least once a year, the PTO/PTA will have some sort of large fundraiser - maybe a black tie affair, maybe an Octoberfest.  Whatever the event, the PTO/PTA will ask for auction donations.

Usually the room parents will help coordinate these donations but parents may decide to donate baskets from organizations they belong to or work for.  In any event, the PTO/PTA looks for and depends on parental support.

If you are a clever organized parent, you can always be looking for next year's fundraising donation.  Keep an eye out at the Big Lots for end of season sales on backyard pools.  If several parents chip in, the cost is very little. 

Lots of local businesses will donate certificates for their goods and services. Just ask.  The school should be able to give you a letter defining the fundraiser that you can copy and give to the business owner in exchange for their donation.  When you are out and about - ask.  It doesn't hurt.

Check out the list of basket suggetions using the link on the right!  Have fun supporting your school!


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