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Are you a new room mom?  Looking for party ideas?  Trying to figure out how best to get the parents to help?  Maybe you just don't know where to start. 

You have come to the right place!  There are plenty of How-To's, class party ideas, ways to get the parents to help and tips for expert communitcation between you and the class parents!

So you have been picked to be the room mom what?  Follow this link for information about how to organize your new job!

What about Teacher Appreciation Week?  Teacher Appreciation Week falls during the first full week of May.  Usually, a PTO/PTA committee sets up the plans for this week and the room moms help execute the plans. 

Room parents may be responsible for decorating the teacher doors, collecting treats for the teacher, maybe even staying with the students while the teachers enjoy am extended lunch.  Teacher Appreciation is a fun way for the students to show the teachers just how much they mean to them!

 Don't forget the PTO/PTA Fundraisers.  It is often difficult to decide on a class basket.  Why not make a class toybox? There are many ideas to help get you going!







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