Seamless Relocation Tips

How to make moving fun for the family!


Your husband has been relocated and you have 1 month to move your family to your new home.  You have preteen and teenage kids and everyone in the house is crying.  What do you do?

First and most importantly DON'T PANIC!!! The move can be enjoyable - believe it or not.  Even for the teenagers and the pets!

First, find a good realtor in the area where you are moving.  DO NOT allow your local realtor to arbitrarily their office in your new hometown.  If you have a good relationship with the realtor selling your old home, ask them to phone the office in your new hometown and interview the realtors for you.  Ask them to findone that would match your needs and be able to direct you.  You will not want the winner of the office million dollar home sales if you have a price cap of $250,000.  Find someone that fits you and your needs. 

If your local realtor cannot help, then you call some agents in the new area and interview them yourself.  Ask your spouse to talk to anyone in their new office that has recently moved and get a referral to a reputable agent.

Once you have found a great agent ask them to look for homes in only the A rated school districts.  It is important that you do your homework too.  A good source of information is Great Schools on the internet.  You can look at student test scores, class sizes, teacher accreditation, ethnicity, parent reviews and much, much more. 

As soon as you find your new home, look up the schools associated with that home and contact the PTO/PTA president, vice president, secretary and treasurer.  Usually thier email information is listed on the school or district web site.  Tell them that you are moving to the area and would like your children to be put in touch (via email) with other children at that school.  Ask these moms for recommendations for your pediatrician, your family doctor, your OB/GYN, your dentist, your allergist and your VET.  Get that all lined up before you leave your old hometown.  The new school will require a medical release signed by a doctor in that state so you want to have an appointment scheduled BEFORE arriving in your new hometown.

Contact the school office and find out what is needed to register your children in that school.  Ask them if they can send the paperwork to you ahead of time.  Ask them if they can request your children's transcripts so everything will be in place when you arrive.

Get the kids in touch with their new friends! Ask the realtor who sold your new house to get you a copy of the homeowner's neighborhood directory BEFORE you move.  Look up the families that have children the same age as your children and email the parents.  Ask them if it would be okay for your children to make email contact with their kids. 

When we moved from Chicago to Florida in 2004, about 10 children followed the moving van to the house and came to play with my children.  Either I or my children had been corresponding with these kids for nearly 1 month so they had ready made friends and were actually looking forward to the move!

While my husband and I directed the movers on where to put the boxes, we got a surprise visit from a neighbor that I had come to know through the email correspondence.  She asked if she could take my kids with her kids for pizza and to a movie!  It turned out to be a great day!

The unpacking will take time, but with the children occupied with their new friends, it should be much more enjoyable time for you!


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