Teacher Appreciation

One of the most important weeks of the year!
























Teacher Appreciation Week is always the first full week in May.  This is the time that the parents and children get to say thank you to the teacher for the school year.

If you have ever helped in the classroom or have been a substitute teacher, you know how much this teacher has given of themselves to your child.  This is the time to let them know that you appreciate them.

The children may be give assignments during Appreciation Week, such as coloring a card for their teacher or bringing in something special for a gift basket for her.  As a parent, you could also take this time to write a note of thanks to the teacher and send it in on the last day of the week.  For all the teachers do, their paycheck is only one part of their reward. Those appreciative remarks from the children and parents brings so much to remind them why they picked a career in teaching.

Sometimes, parents are given a theme and asked to decorate the teacher's doors.  Sometimes, the parents are asked to watch over a class so the teachers can enjoy an extended catered lunch.  Sometimes a committee handles all of this and the parents are asked to do nothing!  Try to remember all of the positives from the year, remind your child about the fun times and let the teacher know.

One year, we gave each child in the class a paper lunch bag with one letter of the alphabet on it (depending on the number of children in the class, some bags might have two letters on it).  We placed instructions in the bag and sent them home.  The parents and children were to find a small gift that began with that letter and place it in the bag (the children that are assigned a difficult letter like Z might also be given an easier letter like C).  The children where told to bring the bags with their gift back to school on the last day and the teacher was presented with Gifts from A to Z - from the students in her room. 

The gifts or treats did not have to be big or expensive.  The child with the letter "G" could bring a pack of gum while the child with "B" could bring bath bubbles.  The teacher had a real blast looking at all the creative ideas given to her/him by her/his students.



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